• BAS FULFILLMENT offers easy and   affordable fulfillment services
    with a personal touch to small and medium size companies.
  • BAS FULFILLMENT prepares and ship your internet orders
    domestically and internationally around the world
  • BAS FULFILLMENT warehouses your merchandise and keep a online inventory system for you to check your orders and inventory levels 24/7. 
    We also notify you of par levels.
  • BAS FULFILLMENT quotes are based upon your warehouse needs,
    type of products and quantity shipped by friendly & experience
  • BAS FULFILLMENT provides a customize business solution for each
    e-commerce client for the long haul.


You have a product or products to sell.  You may have a home business, a small business, or a medium size business .  A potential customer views your website or literature  and likes your merchandise.  So he or she places an order. What next?  Without our services you would need to pack the product, call for shipping rates, drop the package off at the nearest drop off point and finally keep track of your inventory.  Let’s  face it, there is a lot of time and labour involved in shipping your orders that you can spend on growing your business.

We at BAS FULFILLMENT  put your products in our warehouse and setup up a online order/inventory system with you. We would start accepting orders directly from you via our online order/ inventory system, or via fax, email, or data file.  Should your orders arrive via your website, it is required that you , the merchant, have a shopping cart and a credit card processing feature in place on your website.  Upon receipt of your order by BAS FULFILLMENT , it will be picked, packaged, and shipped directly to your customer. A confirmatin e-mail will be sent to your customer and to you along with the shipping information.  You have a choice of what type of shipping your prefer . Whether it ‘s USPS, UPS , FEDEX, or Freight with a next day, 2 days or 7 day service we can set you up with your own  account that comes under our global discount structure.

“We service your company as if it were our company”