BAS FULFILLMENT have been in the mail forwarding business for
over twenty years and have hundreds of clients from around the world.  The address that we provide is a street address not a postal box number.  We offer this service to both businesses and individuals
who reside outside of the USA  and inside the USA. 

For BUSINESSES,  here is the number one marketing tool for a company that is located outside of the USA that wishes to sell their products inside the USA.  By having your own US Address, it allows you to have a “ US Identity “ which you can put on your website and literature as your address. “Americans buy products from around the world , but
if they see a US address , they feel more comfortable in purchasing from that company.

We have a rate structure for both low and high volume customers. 
To register quickly, go to our “Request Quote”  You can have a US Address within a hour.

Also, take advantage of our business consulting service “USA Selling Assistance”


BAS FULFILLMENT is the ideal solution for online shoppers who purchase from US online stores such as E-Bay, Amazon and many others that do not ship outside of the USA.  We realize that you may be deprived of the US shopping experience and bargains that are offered online. This service is provide to both Businesses and Individuals. 
One time customers are welcome. 

Fees are per box or for high volume customers a annual fee is available.

Payment is via credit card .

  1. Forward your inquiry  via e-mail to info@businessameriaservices
    or phone at 802-866-234-4644 or go to our “Request a Quote” with
    your information.
  2. Once we receive your completed application to proceed, we will
    e-mail to you the address to which you will have your order sent to at
    BAS Fulfillment  in the USA
  3. Upon receipt of your order, we will immediately advise you via e-mail.
  4. You have at this time two options:
    - We can ship the order to you 
    - You can pick the order up at our distribution center. 

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