The expression “Pick and Pack” means taking ordered goods out of stock and packing them so they can be effectively shipped to the end customer.

BAS Fulfillment offers flexible order fulfillment options including: breaking down pallets of cases for shipment of individual cases, picking individual items from cases for order fulfillment as well as building new cartons, packs or pallets to complete custom orders and meet customer requirements.

BAS Fulfillment provides both low volume and high volume pick and pack service. All orders are double-checked by our staff to ensure a high degree of accuracy.


Q. Can you pick and pack most items?
A. Yes

Q. Are there any minimum or maximum amounts of orders that can be picked and pack ?
A. No

Q. What is the normal turn around time from receipt of orders to be shipped?
A. Orders received before will be shipped the same day. After 1 pm orders are shipped out the following day. Should order volumes be high during that period, then orders would leave the following day.

Q. Do you supply extra packing materials ?
A. Yes

Q. Which carriers do you use?
A. UPS, FEDEX,USPS, various freight companies

Q. How are orders sent to you to be picked and packed ?
A. Via our online internet system, e-mail, data file, and fax

Q. How do we receive tracking information ?
A. Via online internet system, e-mail or via carrier’s software

Q. Is there a e-mail sent to my customer to advise them that their shipment is on it’s way.
A. Yes

Q. How much are the fees ?
A. Depending on the volume and type of product, we charge per order or by the hour.

Q. Can we be invoiced directly from the carrier for their charges?
A. Yes

Q. Once we have opened an account with you how soon can we start shipping products to you ?
A. Immediately

Q. What are your terms of Payment?
A. On the last day of each month a invoice is e-mailed to you for that month’s activity and payment is done via credit card or ach. On high volume accounts, invoicing is done weekly.

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