BAS FULFILLMENT operates a muti-client warehousing facility in the northeast region of the United States. We offer flexible solutions for clients with short or long term space requirements at a variable cost.

BAS FULFILLMENT offers customers to expand or contract their inventory based on demand which enables them to squeeze costs and maximize profits. By consolidating services with other clients in the same facility, labour and operating expenses are lower.

Why our warehouse is a cost effective solution for:

  • As required space can fluctuate
  • Seasonal distribution program
  • Overflow of product at other warehouses
  • First-time market place outsourcing
  • Online inventory management system


Q. What type of products do you warehouse ?
A. Electrical, computer, sporting goods, toys, food medical, beverages, clothng automative, exercise equipment, herbal supplements, vitamins and most any product that does not require controlled temperature

Q. How much space do you have available?
A. Approximately 50,000 sq feet , but this would depend on availability at a certain time.

Q. Are the warehouses heated and clean?
A. Yes

Q. Do your provide a online inventory control system so that we can check our inventory 24/7?
A. Yes

Q. What is the minimum and maximum of products that can be in the warehouse?
A. We have no minimum and maximum, will depend on availability of space

Q What are the fees?
A. Fees are charged on a per pallet per month bases plus a inbound handling fee.

Q. How quick can we start?
A. Once you have completed our New Client Worksheet and submitted it. Normally with 24 hours

Q. What are your terms of payment?

A. On the last day of each month a invoice is e-mail to you for that month’s activity and payment is done via credit arch or ach.

Q. Are you a FDA approved warehouse?
A. Yes

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BAS Fulfillment
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Swanton, Vermont

Tel. 802-868-9286
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